Travel to Zimbabwe

Zimbabwe is a blend of spectacular natural wonders and rich historical sites. Marvel at the thunderous Victoria Falls and cruise along the Zambezi River at sunset. Discover the ancient city of Great Zimbabwe, a testament to a bygone civilization. Zimbabwe’s landscapes, from Mana Pools National Park to the Eastern Highlands, offer outdoor enthusiasts a playground of activities amidst breathtaking natural beauty.

Zimbabwe Curated Vacation Packages

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1. HERO Cape Town

Essential Southern Africa

South Africa,Zimbabwe from $4839

10 Days | 9 Nights

Visit the three most iconic destinations in Southern Africa -  Victoria Falls, Cape Town and Greater Kruger National Park.  Together, this trio presents a bouquet of stunning scenery, culture, history and amazing wildlife encounters.  Comprehensive yet well-paced, this journey truly offers the best overview of Southern Africa. For those who have more time and the desire to relax in the sun, a post-trip extension to exotic Mozambique is recommended.