The Land of a Thousand Hills

From the majestic mountain gorillas in Volcanoes National Park to the vibrant streets of Kigali, the lush green hills of Rwanda make for a destination that transcends the ordinary. 

Rwanda Curated Vacation Packages

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1. HERO Gorilla sibs PX

Gorillas Through the Mist

Rwanda from $2259

3 Days | 2 Nights

So shy and elusive are gorillas, that the world has only really known of their existence for little more than a century. The most misunderstood of Africa’s Great Apes is far from being a fearsome King Kong. Rather, the gorilla is a gentle, agile, beautiful animal with whom it is a privilege to spend time.  Climb spectacular mountain slopes, through mist-veiled rainforest to meet the critically endangered Mountain Gorilla. 

Hero Baby Gorilla cPaul Longhurst Unsplash

Primate Encounters

Rwanda from $11789

6 Days | 5 Nights

Rwanda is home to several primate species, most famously the endangered mountain gorillas, which inhabit the misty Virunga Mountains. These majestic creatures draw visitors from around the world to experience a magical gorilla trek in the lush green forests. Chimpanzees are found in Rwanda's Nyungwe Forest National Park, offering opportunities for wildlife enthusiasts to observe cheeky chimps in their natural habitat.